Rustic Wedding Ideas 

Rustic wedding ideas provide the marrying couple with a earthy, warm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for any special day. Some cheap wedding ideas for a rustic themed wedding include using various fruits and vegetable as the main focal point for centerpieces.


To decorate your rustic wedding, you can use things such as flower pots or metal candles with mini tea-lights placed in the center. As for the venue, rustic weddings look fantastic in farm and backyard settings. The ultimate finishing touch to any rustic wedding is surely the flowers.


Sunflowers and roses are the best choice for a rustic bride. Renaissances Flowers can provide you with chic and beautiful flowers to make stunning arrangements for your rustic wedding.

How To Have A Fun Wedding

There are many fun wedding ceremony ideas that the bride and groom can use to make guests excited and entertained during their wedding. The first includes using kiss cards in your wedding program ideas; put numbers 1-10 on the programs and allow guests to rate the first kiss!




Some other fun wedding ideas include wedding decorations ideas such as silly pictures of the bride and groom, bright colors and seats in a circular pattern rather than rows. Last but not least, a fun wedding should include funny wedding vows ideas where the bride and groom share some jokes and funny personal stories.

look good from every angle! Source:pinterest

look good from every angle!


All of these wedding entertainment ideas are sure to keep guests smiling and happy as you partake in the most important day of your life.

But don’t forget about a fabulous dress! Like this stunner from

Tasteful Wedding Favor Ideas 

Planning an elegant wedding requires you to opt for tasteful wedding favor ideas.


These small tokens will let your guests know that you appreciate their time and effort to attend your special day.



Some tasteful wedding favor ideas include such things as customized champagne glasses or perhaps high-end pewters. Other wedding favor ideas include mini-picture frames, candles or even baked goods. If it fits your budget, customized or monogrammed favors are a wonderful choice!



There are a variety of tasteful wedding favor ideas to chose from in order to fit in with the overall theme of your wedding and of course, satisfy the friends and family who have attended your wedding.

Camo Wedding Ideas

Camo themed and decorated weddings are quickly become quite-the-hit to those looking  for country wedding ideas and unique wedding ideas. Yet, planning this kind of wedding can be quite the challenge if you can not come across the right camo wedding ideas!

Photo Source: Pinterest: Camo Wedding Cake Topper

Photo Source: Pinterest:
Camo Wedding Cake Topper


Luckily for you, camo weddings are a breeze to decorate for! It is as simple as laying out camo tablecloths across the table and allowing your future husband to wear his favorite camo tie.

photo source: Pinterest: Groom's Camo look

photo source: Pinterest:
Groom’s Camo look


If you really want to go all out, tell your guests to sport their best camo to your wedding! As for the bride, she can sneak on her cute camo garter.

Source Pinterest: Camo wedding gift ideas

Source Pinterest: Camo wedding gift ideas


If you and your husband have a love for the outdoors and a passion for camouflage, these camo wedding ideas allow you to incorporate the elegance of camo into your special day.

Wedding dress from : www.

Wedding dress from : www.

For more wedding dresses check:

Mason Jar Wedding Ideas 

As your are planning your special day and looking for cheap wedding ideas or even DIY wedding ideas, your will discover the magical potential that mason jars have.




Mason jars make wonderful wedding decor during any season of the year. Here are some mason jar wedding ideas to get you started: place flowers in the jar and use them as centerpiece, hang them throughout the ceremony with tea-lights in the center, make them into cups or even fill them with items for a party favor!

To top all these mason jar wedding ideas off, you can glue lace or burlap around them for a super elegant and chic touch.

Camouflage or Sequins? Sherri Hill Fashion Show at NYFW

I’ve been to many fashion shows this year and every one of them are exhilarating. This year during New York Fashion Week, I was invited to several shows.

One of the shows was the Sherri Hill Fashion Show. I’ve met Sherri Hill many times and she is always very nice and accommodating. I’ve met many designers in my high heeled life but I really enjoy Sherri’s down to earth nature. She is extremely talented and fun yet she comes across very humble. Below are some of the pictures I took while running late to the show…and later enjoying the atmosphere of the photographers and runway.

It was fun getting to meet Si Robertson, from Duck Dynasty. The whole Duck Dynasty clan was there watching Sadie Robertson make her runway modeling debut. The contrast was interesting. Beauty queens in sequins and lace and the Duck Dynasty family in bandanas, camouflage and long ZZ Top-like beards.

Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Calm, Cool and Collected while running fashionably late to the Sherri Hill Fashion Show at Trump Towers.

Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Entertaining myself while stuck on the L.I.E.

Thank god fashion shows never start on time.

Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Sherri Hill Fashion Show

The whole Duck Dynasty Clan was there to see Sadie Robertson make her runway debut.

Hasmik with Si the Duck Dynasty reality tv show star

“Hey!” I couldn’t resist a picture with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, isn’t he cute?

Ok now…. Be quiet! The show is about to start.

Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Saidie Robertson’s Runway debut at NYFW Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Saidy Robertson's runway fashion debut at NYFW Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Saidy Robertson’s runway fashion debut at NYFW Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Sherri Hill Fashion ShowSherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion ShowSherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Sherri Hill Fashion ShowSherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show Sherri Hill Fashion Show All these dresses can be found at, or simply come to the store and try them on! They are truly amazing!

owner of Flair Designer Boutique Hasmik Buzzetta with the Designer Sherri Hill

with the Designer Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill Fashion Show

Did I mention that the place was swarming with beauty queens and pageant runner ups…. Its pretty intimidating…. as if the gorgeous models weren’t enough!

Colette Buzzetta

My sister in law Colette, who has the patience of a saint! Thanks for taking all the pictures , by the way!

Sherri Hill fashion show

Done with one, and off to the next Fashion Show…

Roaring 20’s Gatsby Party at Chateau Coindre Hall

I was invited to a Roaring 20’s Gatsby Party at Coindre Hall on Long Island’s Gold Coast. I was instantly attracted to the excitement and allure of the 1920’s.

As we drove past the charming neighborhoods overlooking Huntington Harbor, we came to a magnificently tree-lined lane, as if we were entering a secret passageway or portal back into the iconic era of the prohibition.  As we approached the Chateau, antique cars lined the drive with people dressed in gangster and flapper clothing, holding champagne glasses laughing and mingling as time period music filled the air.

The Gangsters Paradaise

The Gangsters Paradaise

I’ve always dreamt about living in different time periods.  The glamour and rebellion of the early 1900’s has always appealed to me. The intrigue of how  prohibition created the American Mafia gangsters and many of the millionaires of that time period; the fancy cars with jump seats & the road races on the Vanderbilt Parkway; the Flappers dancing The Charleston with a new found freedom from the conservative Victorian Age; and the speak easy underground clubs with women smoking their slimline cigarettes ever daintily, seductively stroking their finger-wave hairstyles.

I remember watching the Legends of the Falls with Brad Pitt for the first time, it became my all time favorite.ah, what a devastating yet a beautiful love story…

Luckily I found my own gangster. Well,  he’s not Brad Pitt, I know, but his better than Brad!

Cheers to my Gangster!

The History About the Chateau Coindre Hall

Coindre Hall is a 40 room, 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) mansion in the style of a medieval French château constructed in 1912 for pharmaceutical magnate George McKesson Brown. It overlooks 34 acres (140,000 m2) of rolling land including a boathouse on the north shore of Long Island adjacent to Long Island Sound. Brown lost ownership of the property after the stock market crash of 1929. At the request of Bishop Monsignor Thomas Molly, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart bought this property to establish a boarding school and summer retreat. It was founded in 1939 by Brother Martinian, S.C., Provincial Superior, and was named in memory of Father André Coindre, the founder of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. The school was intended to generate funds for the formation and education of young Brothers. It operated under the supervision of the Brothers who have been active in Christian Education in the United States since 1847.

It closed in 1971 and later reopened for a few years as an independent private institution called “Eagle Hill School.”

Since 1973 Coindre Hall Park has been administered by the Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation & Conservation. On September 26, 1985 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is often used for hosting weddings.
(taken from Wikipedia)

Roaring 20's Gatsby Party at Chateau Coindre Hall

No one messes with the FLAIR girls… Ever!

The Rumors About the Chateau Coindre Hall

The rumor is that the castles boat house was used to run booze into the city by Bronx Beer Baron Dutch Schultz. Some say that the boat house is more beautiful than the castle itself.  Apparently the feds collapsed  the tunnel when they raided the boathouse during prohibition days.

Roaring 20's Gatsby Party at Chateau Coindre Hall

Ps: If you like the wardrobes in the photos, all the ladies got their fabulous dresses, shoes and accessories at FLAIR designer boutique

left to right:

the shy flapper: green and purple dress by Musani, shoes by Sweeties, headband by headdressny

the tommygun toting flapper: cream rouched dress by Nicole Miller, shoes by Pelle Moda,

the screaming flapper: nude beaded dress by Jovani,

the clueless vixen: pewter beaded dress by Basix II, shoes by El Dante, necklace by Van Cliff and Arpeles, necklace by Azaara, earrings by Be-JE designs.

Hair was done by Legends Hair Designs

The event was organized by North Shore Promotion Alliance to promote businesses on the Gold Coast

Tell me , what is your favorite era?

What do you love about the Prohibition Era most?

Would you go to Gatsby Style Party if you got invited?