Winter Formal

If you’re looking for the perfect dress to wear to this years Winter Formal, we have some of the best options for ladies of all shapes and sizes!


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Wedding Vow Ideas 

Everyone knows that writing your vows can pose to be quite the stressful task, yet with the right planning and the right wedding vow ideas, the process is made much simpler. Some of the most memorable heartfelt wedding vow ideas come straight from the heart.

photo: Pinterest

photo: Pinterest

Yet other wedding vow ideas can be pulled straight from your favorite passage of poetry or song that your and your partner have special memories with. There are also traditional wedding vow ideas which are usually performed in church ceremonies. Last but not least, there are funny wedding vow ideas where the couple shares funny memories; these are always a crowd pleaser!

brides dress is from

brides dress is from


If you are feeling like you know what to say, but just don’t know how to say it, these wedding vow ideas are sure to help guide you in the right direction of romance!

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How To Decorate Your Wedding Reception 

Once the all-important wedding ceremony is over, it is not to party at the reception! Yet, in order to get everyone in the mood, you need to decorate everything just right!



Indoor receptions should  boast tons of stunning flowers. As you are decorating, be sure to designate an area for the food, guests book and favors. Some great wedding guest book ideas are having guests write messages on stones to decorate your home with or pieces of paper for a scrap book.



Lastly, when decorating your reception be sure to use coordinated colors and organization techniques to ensure everything looks nicely put together.