Winter Brides

If you chose to have a winter wedding, Flair Fashions has some of the most beautiful bridal dresses to make sure you look like the beautiful bride you have always dreamed of being. Weddings are always fun, but having a winter wedding is a unique and fun idea for those who love the winter season.

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Holiday Parties

One of the best things about Winter time is definitely the fun holiday parties we get to go to. If you want to stand out this winter, look no farther because Flair Fashions has your back! We have many options to choose from.


Shine bright this winter and find the perfect cocktail dress to show off at your next holiday party.

How To Plan A 50th Wedding Anniversary 

A 50th wedding anniversary is a very special moment in the couples life.


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It is important to make this day as cherished as possible by coming up with 50th wedding anniversary party ideas such as a surprise dinner!


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Other 50th wedding anniversary ideas include a themed party or sending the couple off on a special date night. 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas can be things such a personalized photo album or a weekend getaway where they can recreate their wedding proposal ideas for a night of reminiscing and romance.


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How To Have A Fun Wedding

There are many fun wedding ceremony ideas that the bride and groom can use to make guests excited and entertained during their wedding. The first includes using kiss cards in your wedding program ideas; put numbers 1-10 on the programs and allow guests to rate the first kiss!




Some other fun wedding ideas include wedding decorations ideas such as silly pictures of the bride and groom, bright colors and seats in a circular pattern rather than rows. Last but not least, a fun wedding should include funny wedding vows ideas where the bride and groom share some jokes and funny personal stories.

look good from every angle! Source:pinterest

look good from every angle!


All of these wedding entertainment ideas are sure to keep guests smiling and happy as you partake in the most important day of your life.

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How To Plan A Spring Wedding

Spring wedding ideas offer so much room for creativity such as refreshing spring cocktails, pastel colors and delicious comfort foods.


Have you thought about having a beach wedding. Outdoor oceanfront weddings are always a hit among the couple and all of their guests. An essential aspect of any spring wedding is surely the flowers.


Fresh blooms and gorgeous colors can always be found if you search for all the right places. All in all, spring wedding ideas are easy to accomplish thanks to the refreshing and lively scenery of nature!

Mason Jar Wedding Ideas 

As your are planning your special day and looking for cheap wedding ideas or even DIY wedding ideas, your will discover the magical potential that mason jars have.




Mason jars make wonderful wedding decor during any season of the year. Here are some mason jar wedding ideas to get you started: place flowers in the jar and use them as centerpiece, hang them throughout the ceremony with tea-lights in the center, make them into cups or even fill them with items for a party favor!

To top all these mason jar wedding ideas off, you can glue lace or burlap around them for a super elegant and chic touch.

Wedding Vow Ideas 

Everyone knows that writing your vows can pose to be quite the stressful task, yet with the right planning and the right wedding vow ideas, the process is made much simpler. Some of the most memorable heartfelt wedding vow ideas come straight from the heart.

photo: Pinterest

photo: Pinterest

Yet other wedding vow ideas can be pulled straight from your favorite passage of poetry or song that your and your partner have special memories with. There are also traditional wedding vow ideas which are usually performed in church ceremonies. Last but not least, there are funny wedding vow ideas where the couple shares funny memories; these are always a crowd pleaser!

brides dress is from

brides dress is from


If you are feeling like you know what to say, but just don’t know how to say it, these wedding vow ideas are sure to help guide you in the right direction of romance!

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How To Plan A Vintage Wedding? 

Are you looking for vintage wedding ideas?

If so, it is best to know how crucial lace is to a vintage wedding! Lace screams vintage so wrap your wedding flowers in lace and decorate your reception tables with layers of lovely lace.




Other vintage wedding ideas include classical background music, floral bridesmaid dresses and pearl necklaces.

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Budget Wedding Ideas

Many brides think using inexpensive wedding ideas  is close to impossible but with these budget wedding ideas it will be a breeze!

Photo Source:Pinterest

Photo Source:Pinterest

Budget wedding ideas include picking up on DIY wedding ideas where you can create all of the possible decor you could ever need for your wedding without having to pay retail!

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Photo Source:Pinterest


When planning a wedding on a budget you should also take into consideration simple wedding ideas. Going over-the-top and crazy is going to cost you a pretty penny in the long run so keep it as simple as can be. When searching for wedding menu ideas on a budget, stick to things that are affordable and in-season, that way you are not paying thousands of dollars for your guests to eat.

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Photo Source:Pinterest


Just because you utilizing wedding ideas on a budget, does not mean that you wedding has to be any less beautiful and stunning than you have imagined it!

What Kind Of Wedding Invitation To Choose ?

Believe it or not, the wedding invitation is one of the most important aspects of any wedding.It all starts from there.

There are several different kinds of invitation techniques to browse from, such as: digital printing, letterpress, thermography and handmade.

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Photo Source:Pinterest



Out of all of these wedding invitation ideas, digital print is the most simple and least expensive while thermography offers a three-dimensional look that is much more complicated.


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Once done with the invitations you can focus on other things such as wedding scrapbook ideas, wedding shower ideas and finally tying the knot with the love of your life!

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